I'm Alan, Brand & Web Designer
For 10+ years I've helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe 
( big & small ) to attract their ideal clients and make them fall in love wit their brands on both digital and traditional media channels.

I can help you to:
a) Create a World-class brand graphic identity
b) Create a Bad-ass Website (one that people actually want to use)

I also can help you through my own Design Agency (Kimera) with all sort of Graphic Design needs, such us: brochures, business card, social media content, banners, editorial design, packaging, marketing strategy, etc. But I only work personally those projects where we can do something more significant, and work together to make a mark in the marketing world... and for me those areas to make this happen are:  Branding & Websites.

Experience, background & other stuff
– Founder & Creative Lead at Kimera ( Since 2007)
– Harvard Certifications in Leadership Strategy, Project Management & other corporate certifications on: Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma
– Some Experience working with Global C Level Executives (10+ years)
– Some Communication & Marketing Leadership experience (10+ years)
– Some books about remote working, design, branding, productivity, leadership & project management.
– Graphic Design School as Background
– My best move? Resign to the corporate world to dedicate full time to help other people with my same vision (brave / fearless entrepreneurs) to give life to their own ideas and dreams, and guiding them to find the best ways to connect with their clients, which gradually leads them to succeed & prosper (and here is where I find my biggest satisfaction). 
Do I sound like someone you'd like to work with?
Email me at: info@kimerastudio.com

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